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We passionately believe that every young person should have the opportunity to build a future of their own choosing. We provide accommodation and support to those made homeless and a range of detached youth work interventions for young people in the communities that we serve.

Our holistic approach covers young people aged 12 to 25 where 25% have left care and 15% run-away from home. The rest are either deemed at-risk from their parents, are trying to divert from crime or have fallen upon hard times.

We’ve been working with at-risk young people for the last forty years. We have housed over 10,000 young people and enabled another 20,000 to become meaningfully engaged though our detached youth work.


Demolition commences on our worn-out hostel paving the way for a flagship new home for homeless young people.  

City YMCA London is proud to announce the start of the re-development of its Errol Street accommodation. Its contractors will start to demolish the worn-out old building this week. A brand new, £19 million flagship building is due to open by autumn 2018 giving a hope and a future to 10,000 young homeless.….MORE

What a homeless young person leaves behind….

It is a Monday morning and the last of our 114 residents was decanted from the old Errol Street Hostel last Friday. Touring the building today is a ghostly experience! The building is full of the shadows of the last 40 years and the 10,000 or so lives that have been shaped. And it is interesting to see what a homeless young person leaves behind.

Journey with us and view the images….

A Registered Charity No 1053864.

A Registered Company No 3169665

Housing Agency No H4099

A Registered Charity No 1053864

A Registered Company No 3169665

Housing Agency No H4099

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