About PFW and Riwayat 


Riwayat means ‘tradition’ and our young company has been breathing new energy into our ancient culture since we were founded in 2010.  Over the past seven years we have been bringing the best traditions of Pakistan’s textile and fashion industries to new audiences across Europe as well as exposing our audiences to the cutting edge of Pakistan’s most innovative and experimental designers.   


Riwayat’s flagship event is Pakistan Fashion Week. We have now produced twelve iconic events in landmark venues in London,Geneva and Prague. Our PFW brand is recognised by audiences across the world thanks to extensive and ever-growing coverage from our media parters, the BBC and leading newspapers and magazines across the world.



Riwayat are delighted to continue our success with the announcement of PFW13 London on Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July 2018.


Once again, PFW SEASON 13 will present a breathtaking collection of Pakistan’s creative expertise to the watching world.  Once again we will bring together the best emerging and established designers through three dramatic catwalk shows over two days in London.


Come join us and help present Pakistan to a watching world.


Chris East

Co-founder and Executive Director 

Chris is a charity fundraising and communications specialist and advises a number of leading UK charities.

Adnan Ansari

Co-founder and Creative Director 

Adnan is an award-winning designer combining a successful TV career with 23 years of fashion experience.

Photography by Sarah Saeed 


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Riwayat UK 

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